Life Extraordinary

At the Mind Studio we believe that to live well you need to think well. How we think impacts on our emotional responses and our behaviour which in turn impacts on our lives. As highly qualified Cognitive Hypnotherapists our training and experience enables us to facilitate the changes you desire. Whether you seek help with you anxiety, confidence, performance addictions, weight control, fertility or one of the many other areas in which we work, we can help.


Peter Penny joins Jackie Bastin in a new and exciting alliance to create a holistic team at Mind Studio with a broad range of wellness practitioners.


I am so thrilled to team with Jackie. Life Extraordinary sums up most of what I have been doing most of my life. After a career in the creative world of film making. With his son, founding a successful film agency with enviable global clients. A life of traveling, of flying light aircraft, working with horses, trekking mountains, exploring Arctic wastelands, filming cheetahs in the deserts of Namibia and exploring the volcanoes of Atacama; but taking time to help in the slums in India and in remote areas to shoot documentaries for a number of small and global charities.


Mountains climbed, terrains scoured, I am now realizing a vocation, a challenge that combines all that I have experienced and been taught. Qualified in Psychology Studies at Oxford, I am now looking to focus on others, to talk about their life, their career, and crucially their aspirations.  


"There is no passion to be found playing small - in settling for a life that is less than the one you are capable of living." 

(Nelson Mandela)


Too many of us spend our days distracted from living to our full potential. From achieving our deepest goals and living the life we truly want to live.


The ethos of Life Extraordinary at Mind Studio is to guide you to where you really want to be. I have helped many executives and celebrities, lived a life somewhat extraordinary and can help you too. Starting with a complimentary consultation we can determine where you truly see yourself and your life focus.


You have to leave the city of your comfort

and go into the wilderness of your intuition. 

What you’ll discover will be wonderful. 

What you will discover is yourself.

(Alan Alder)


Be inspired. Discover yourself. Enthuse others.


Business Studies - Sundridge Park College

Life Coach and Mentor studies - Oxford 

Business Psychology studies - Oxford

Cognitive Hypnotherapy - Quest Institute (Current Studies)

Management Positions

Mind Studio - Partner, Practitioner.

Peter Penny Productions - Founder

Connected Pictures - Founder, Non Exec

Dream Makers Guide - Investor, Contributor

Tick the Bucket - Investor, Contributor

IABC - Past Exec Director, Committee Member

Speaker Engagements

IABC Africa Conference 
IABC Moscow Conference 
IABC World Conference, San Francisco 
Firmdale Hotels GM meeting 
Aesop Customer Evening 
Tick the Bucket London 

Tick the Bucket London monthly 

Coaching and Mentoring

Helping an increasing number of contacts and colleagues with career conversations has inspired me start a journey into Mentoring and Coaching. I will be spending some time at Oxford University developing my skill set. Wish me luck on this new venture as I take my learnings from trekking, climbing and exploration trips to remote locations. I will combine this with my life experience of creativity and working with some of the worlds biggest brands and major players in the global arena. Inadvertantly they taught me so much. 

Let's talk

If it interests you I am very open to one to one conversations about life journeys and career options or to help review and plan a strategy with a team of people. 

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